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🦍Era-Homi Dapp-Marketplace: A gateway to the world of HOMINIDS 🎨📦
Welcome to Era-Homi, The Multi-Chain Marketplace of the Hominids project, where you will discover a world rich in creativity, exchanges and opportunities. 🚀🌈
Explore a unique collection of hominid NFTs
Dive into our collection of hominid NFTs, unique artistic creations that bring to life anthropomorphic characters with distinct physical traits, captivating personalities, and special characteristics. Each NFT is a rare and valuable piece of digital art, offering an immersive visual experience and increasing intrinsic value over time. 🎨💎
🔄 Buy, sell and trade your NFTs with ease 🔄
On Era-Homi, you can easily navigate through our user-friendly interface and discover a myriad of NFTs available for purchase, sale and exchange. Use our advanced search system to find NFTs that match your preferences and explore the different categories and thematic collections. Buy NFTs to expand your collection, sell your unique creations or trade them with other digital art enthusiasts. Our Dapp-Marketplace is designed to make your transactions safe and transparent. 💰💼
🌍 Dive into the Era-Homi metaverse 🌍
In addition to the Multi-Chain Marketplace, we offer you the opportunity to dive into the immersive world of our Era-Homi metaverse. Create your unique avatar and explore an interactive virtual world where you can meet other users, participate in events, visit virtual art galleries and even organize exhibitions of your own NFTs. Enjoy a never-before-seen social and artistic experience within our connected metaverse. 👥🌌
💼 Participate in engaging and lucrative activities 💼
Era-Homi is not just about buying and selling NFT. You can also participate in engaging and lucrative activities such as betting games to earn $HOMI token and $eHOMI token rewards, wager your NFTs to earn additional token rewards, and even offer NFTs for rent to generate passive income. Immerse yourself in our vibrant ecosystem and take advantage of all the opportunities Era-Homi has to offer. 🎮💰
🛡️ Safety, transparency and environmental sustainability 🌱🔒
At Hominids, we place a high value on security and transparency. Our Marketplace is built in multi-chain such as ZetaChain, Sui Network, Venom Network, Bitcoin and other EVMs, offering enhanced security through its advanced smart contract features. In addition, we are committed to environmental sustainability by offsetting our carbon emissions, promoting green hosting, and raising environmental awareness within our metaverse. Your participation in Era-Homi contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. ♻️🌍